Northwell Health Skilled Maint Mechanic in Tarrytown, New York

Req Number 001V45

Job Category Maintenance

Job Description

The Skilled Maintenance Mechanic; electrician, plumber, mason, painter, carpenter, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic performs a variety of skilled tasks including general repairs and maintenance, installations, renovations, construction work, fabrications, building and equipment repairs throughout the hospital and all off site hospital properties, rented and owned. The work is performed with little or no supervision in accordance with verbal or written instructions, work orders, drawing, sketches, diagrams, manuals, etc. Must be proficient in the use of hand tools and power tools, as well as measuring and testing instruments.

  1. Patient and Staff Safety:
  • Recognizes the importance of patient/staff safety precautions as it relates to specific department and area of responsibility.

  • Consistently utilizes precautions and follows appropriate procedures to enhance patient/staff safety in daily operations.

  • Identifies and reports any potentially dangerous situations to manager which could cause medical error and / or patient or staff harm.

  • Immediately takes action, where appropriate, to minimize the risk of injury. Where appropriate to staff member’s responsibilities, reports errors, when these occur, to supervisor and on an Occurrence Report. Participates, when appropriate, in Root Cause Analyses and/or other efforts to reduce risk of medical error and / or patient or staff harm

  1. Shift Work.
  • Shift changes may be required as necessary to complete project work or repairs.
  1. General Repairs, Preventive Maintenance Responsibilities.
  • Responsible for accurately recording time and materials used; obtaining signature for authorized repairs and preventive maintenance of equipment and machinery on work order slips as directed.

  • Fabricates repair parts; disassembles and repairs equipment or machinery.

  • Estimates quantities of materials required, utilizing blueprints, sketches, plans, diagrams, or job condition; prepares materials list for purchase.

  • Tracks stock and advises Supervisor of stock inventory levels.

  • Carries an adequate selection of tools and supplies.

  • Serves as a member of the Hospital Fire Response Team; attends annual Fire Education programs given by Educational Resources.

  • Reports unsafe or hazardous conditions to Management.

  • Demonstrates consideration for patients and family members when working in patient areas.

  1. Specialty Skill Areas: ELECTRICIAN
  • Troubleshoots, tests, isolates, repairs, and replaces defects on electrical or electro-mechanical systems such as wiring circuits, switches, receptacles, controls, motors, breakers, distribution panels, circuit fixtures, etc.; locates faults such as tripped breakers, blown fuses, short circuits, open and broken wires, loose connections, single phase condition, tripped overloads, overheating or overload conditions, etc.

  • Inspects, installs, adjusts, cleans, maintains, and repairs electrical and electro-mechanical circuits and controls of equipment, machinery, patient beds, appliances, fixtures, and other elements of electrical systems.

  • Observes, dismantles, diagnoses, repairs, and re-assembles electrical and electro-mechanical devices, equipment, machinery, appliances, fixtures, including: motors, motor starters, power and hand tools, switch gears, etc.

  • Inspects and performs testing of receptacles, portable lamps, isolation monitors, office equipment, etc.; performs repairs; replaces logging records as required by regulatory agencies.

  • Assists in thermo testing of electrical distribution panels and switchgears as required by regulatory agencies. Mechanic / Machinist / Locksmith

  • Performs general machine shop work including milling, grinding, drilling, turning, welding, polishing, etc.

  • Operates lathe, milling machine, drill press, welding equipment, and other appropriate power equipment; works with a variety of metal, wood, and plastic materials.

  • Performs maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery such as pumps, I.V. stands, tables, air handlers, medication carts, air compressors, refrigeration equipment etc.

  • Responsible for maintaining preventive maintenance records.

  • Performs sheet metal work in connection with heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

  • Performs repairs to and installs doors, frames and associated hardware.

  • Performs all aspects of lock work.

  • Fabricates replacement parts, primarily metal or plastic from stock materials, copying from samples, utilizing blueprints, sketches, etc. Plumber

  • Proficient in sweating and soldering using silver solder and other bonding materials in connecting or repairing pipes, fittings, etc.

  • Works with copper, plastic, glass, steel, iron, and brass pipe including bending, cutting, fitting, threading, soldering, sweating, lead pouring, etc.

  • Inspects, installs, repairs, and replaces pipes, fittings, plumbing fixtures, etc., to maintain heating, water, gas, and drainage / sewage systems of the hospital.

  • Inspects, repairs all plumbing fixtures; replaces items such as vacuum breakers, steam traps, P.R.V. stations, etc. and logging records relative to preventive maintenance.

  • Repairs, installs, maintains, and replaces plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, flush-o-meters, mixing valves, traps, pressure control valves, tanks, eyewash stations, etc.

  • Performs steam-fitting work, including repairs, maintenance, and installation of valves, traps, piping, expansion joints, pumps, gauges, controls, etc.

  • Checks stoppages, opens clogged drains and lines using plumber’s snake, vacuum plunger, or other devices or chemicals. Carpenter

  • Proficient in the use of woodworking tools, machinery, and equipment such as: saws, sanders, scrapers, routers, handsaw, chisel, etc.; proficient in wood working practices and skilled executions of such practices

  • Performs carpentry work, glass repairs, construction, doors and door frames, drywall installation and demolition work as directed.

  • Performs all manner of carpentry and cabinet work, including the repair and installation of such items. Refrigeration Mechanic

  • Installs, inspects, operates, and repairs refrigeration equipment and room air conditioning equipment as directed.

  • Performs all preventive maintenance repairs in accordance with schedule which would include oiling, greasing of equipment, changing belts, filters, strainers, cleaning parts, recharging on assorted equipment throughout the hospital and all hospital off site properties ( hospital rentals and owned)

  • Performs electrical and mechanical control, troubleshooting, and repair of all types of refrigeration, HVAC and air conditioning equipment.

  • Performs sheet metal work in connection with heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems as directed.

  • Proficient in soldering silver solder, replace worn out parts, lubricates moving parts, checks for leaks, etc.

  • Assists in cleaning and filter changes of all HVAC equipment and machinery. Mason

  • Performs all types of masonry work using materials such as ceramics, vinyl, plastics, cement blocks, bricks, etc.

  • Performs roof repairs as directed.

  • Performs masonry work in demolition and construction work as directed.

  • Proficient in the application and mixture of bonding materials used in masonry work such as Cement, Plaster of Paris, Thinset, etc. Painter

  • Proficient in the preparation of walls, ceilings, furniture, fixtures, and equipment ready for the application of paints, varnish, enamels, lacquers, stains, protective coatings, etc. on woods, metals, plaster boards, masonry, etc.

  • Rig Ladders, scaffolding, etc. as required; utilizes drop cloths or other covers to protect floors, furniture, and equipment from damage by paint and other substances.

  • Responsible for the safe storage of all paints, varnishes, paint thinners, paint removers, and other flammable materials as directed and maintains inventory of supplies.

  • Selects pre-mixed paint or mixed paint colors as required or as directed to meet desired color schemes or to match existing color.

  • Paints surfaces using a brush, a spray gun, and rollers, etc.; applies stain or varnish to surfaces as required; meets specifications for neatness, blending, mixing, special effects, etc.

  • Prepare walls and installs wall covering materials, as directed.

  • Moves furniture as required and uses protective covering in work areas.

  • Able to mix and match colors, as needed and as directed.

  1. Additional Construction and Renovation:
  • Have sufficiently diverse experience to back-up and act as helper to other trades and act as a General mechanic and be willing to do so.

  • The ability to work overtime and / or rotate one’s shift with minimal or no notice in order to accommodate job deadlines and changing requirements is necessary.

  • Must be able to work rapidly and safely, accommodating new and unusual conditions, with minimal supervision.

  • Ability to work safely and calmly in high places, on ladders and/or scaffolding, roofs, etc. is necessary.

  • Significant physical effort, for extended periods of time, in uncomfortable conditions, may be necessary.

  1. Groundskeeping and Snow Removal:
  • Engages in general maintenance and repairs of outside buildings.

  • Removes debris and down trees where applicable

  • Participates in snow removal program during normal course of shift including but not limited to driving of snow plow trucks, use of snow blower machines; sand and salt spreaders and shoveling.

  1. Quality Assurance:
  • Maintains personal professional competency through in-service and meeting attendance.

  • Maintains a safe, orderly working environment; maintains compliance with OSHA regulations.

  • Ensures that HIPAA regulations, Joint Commission standards, Building/Fire Codes, and PMHC corporate compliance policies are adhered to.

  • Adheres to hospital and department mission statements, policies and procedures.

  1. Continuing Education:
  • Attends all hospital or departmental in-services.

  • Completes annual HSEP and health assessment as required by Joint Commission.

  • Attends appropriate seminars and conferences as necessary.

  1. Performs related duties, as required.

*ADA Essential Functions


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, required.

  • Minimum of one (1) year experience in one or more skilled trades, required.

  • Trade or vocational school graduate, preferred.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in one or more skilled trades (i.e., carpentry, plumbing, electric, HVAC, etc.).

  • Demonstrated knowledge of local, state and federal regulatory codes pertaining to area(s) of expertise.

  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English required.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of equipment use such as power tools, snow removal equipment etc.

Current valid (per hospital policy) US driver‘s license required.