Northwell Health Activity Coordinator, Radiology - Per Diem (Westchester) in Mount Kisco, New York

Req Number 001T57

Job Category Medical Clerical/Secretarial

Job Description

Provides documentation, communication, order transcription support, scheduling, primary telephone operation and general administrative duties to promote function and assistance to promote quality service to the patient.

  1. Maintains current knowledge of all Hospital policy and procedure.

  2. Communicates incidents, problems, patient needs and any other significant information to patient care staff.

  3. Orders all clerical unit supplies.

  4. Follows unit admission, discharge and transfer protocols for assigned unit.

  5. During computer downtime, transcribes orders to manual requisitions, insures timely coordination of testing via phone, maintains log of manually processed orders and backloads orders into computer system when operational.

  6. Organizes and maintains availability of designated forms, chart materials, supplies (including special orders from outside vendors), and work space to ensure availability of resources.

  7. Answers all unit phones and directs all queries to the appropriate person. Acts as primary telephone operator for Emergency Department. Continually demonstrates courteous telephone manners utilizing the NWH philosophy of customer service at all times and ability to appropriately screen high volume of outside calls for information, questions, etc.

  8. Attends in-service education to maintain adequate skill level.

  9. Maintains a clean, neat work area in nursing station, clean core, dirty core and staff lounge.

  10. Coordinates maintenance of equipment with clinical engineering and appropriate departments.

  11. Able to handle multiple priorities at once.

  12. Utilizes the NWH customer service approach.

  13. Fosters the NWH caring curriculum, "No job is too big or too small" and "They are not my patients or your patients, but our patients."

  14. Notifies physician's office as needed of any planned schedule change.

  15. Ensures the appropriate scheduling of the patient while maintaining an appreciation of available resources and other department schedules and priorities utilizing professional respect.

  16. Telephones patient admission to Admission Assessment Unit and communicates admission status to include prospective time of admission and room readiness to appropriate patient care staff. Follows up on admission status in a timely manner and as requested by nursing staff.

  17. Maintains overall bed availability for the entire Hospital.

  18. Maintains ongoing communication with AAU Coordinator regarding bed status.

  19. Delivers charts to Endo Recovery Room.

  20. Makes up outpatient schedules two days in advance and delivers to Admitting. Delivers schedule with any add-ons for next day.

  21. Makes up Endo/Minor room schedule for the next day.

  22. In conjunction with the Endo/Minor Coordinator or designee, prioritizes and organizes the schedule for the following day, utilizing established procedure time and knowledge of the MD's practice.

  23. Responsible for handling all changes to the schedule, follows through and notifies all involved parties.

  24. Receives incoming ambulance reports via BLS radio and/or telephone and relays information to appropriate nursing staff for Triage decisions.

  25. Assists patient care and physician staff with requests: Visitor needs, phones, blankets (including the constant availability of warm blankets), keeps stretchers ready for next patient, mounting strips and vital signs from central monitor, etc.

  26. Stocks information cubbies in waiting room and maintains adequate supply of patient printed instruction in cubbies for patient availability.

  27. Participates in department and Hospital meetings, training sessions and quality improvement programs.

  28. Regularly reports to work when scheduled

  29. Adapts to new or unusual situations without affecting performance or work procedures within the department.

  30. Adheres to Human Resource policy and procedures.

  31. Maintains an excellent rapport with staff, physicians and patients.

  32. Reads physician's orders to determine that orders are legible and have been reviewed by a nurse. Obtains clarification of orders when required. Prioritizes orders awaiting transcription. Documents times on charts when tests are requested and completed. Coordinates with ancillary departments for STAT orders via phone.

  33. Utilizes knowledge of medical terminology, procedures, treatments and pharmaceuticals to transcribe written orders and associated orders into computer system.

  34. Transmits orders and clinical information to Pharmacy, physician or to other designated areas as requested via facsimile machine. Arranges with Pharmacy and other support departments for medication (not available in Pyxis) and equipment needed for immediate patient care.

  35. Continually monitors charts at desk or on chart board for orders, times tests are ordered and for completion of tests in keeping up with work flow. Documents on chart time tests are ordered and time tests are completed, prioritizing same under the direction of the staff nurse or physician.

  36. Maintains all log books. Obtains laboratory, x-ray results and ensures timely review of results by nurse or physician and places on appropriate chart.

  37. Arranges or completes timely pickup and delivery of specimens to Laboratory with appropriate staff. Picks up blood from Blood Bank as necessary for immediate patient care.

  38. Organizes chart appropriately. Copies chart as requested for transfers and QI activities. Calls for old charts as requested and follows up for their expedient retrieval.

  39. Arranges timely pickup and delivery of specimens to Laboratory.

  40. Acts as a computer resource for unit. Provides current knowledge of computer, procedures and teaches use of computer when requested.

  41. Maintains a current working knowledge of capabilities, availability of other Hospital departments (i.e., who can do what, hours available, specific requirements, etc.)

  42. Documents pertinent patient data, including name, date of birth, insurance, type of procedure and diagnosis.

  43. Enters charges in Departments where appropriate.

  44. Accurately enters Admission/Discharge/Transfer information into computer system and provides demographic plate, identaband and face sheet where applicable.

  45. Books procedures with physicians and/or their office staff.

  46. Picks up Pre-Registration forms from Outpatient Department.

  47. Makes up charts and generates Histology slips for each patient.

  48. Greets patients and obtains signatures on registration forms.

  49. Performs related duties, as required.



*ADA Essential Functions


  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.

  • One to two (1-2) years previous Hospital or related experience is desirable.

  • Medical terminology course required.

  • Computer skills required.

  • Strong organizational skills.